Gray Farm Maple will be open on Maine Maple Sunday, March 25, 2018, from 10am to 4pm for tours, free food, and a tapping experience for the kids. Visit Contact Us page for directions.

Gray Farm Maple

Gray Farm Maple is a small maple syrup producer located in the western lakes and mountains region of Maine.  Our Pure Maple Syrup is handcrafted over a wood-fired evaporator.   We encourage you to try our Pure Maine Maple Syrup.

Overgrown Fields and Maple Trees

Gray Farm in Denmark, Maine, was a 19th century farm that is being brought back to life. The dozens of acres that were once tilled or pasture have been overtaken by maple trees, oaks, ash, poplar, and other species, as well as softwoods and wild raspberries and blueberries.

Our First Evaporator

We started tapping a dozen maple trees with buckets and boiling the sap in chafing dishes over a wood fire next to our wood pile. We were hooked on the age old process of making pure maple syrup.

Our Second Evaporator in the new Sugar House

Convinced boiling sap in a sugar house would add character to our process, we built a timber frame building and upgraded to a Mason 2X4 Evaporator.

Leader Patriot Evaporator

The 2017 season will be the second season on our 2X6 Leader Patriot Evaporator. Raw sap from the buckets and pipeline in our sugar grove gravity feed the evaporator from a 350 gallon tank behind the sugar house. Constant monitoring and small batches hand drawn at the perfect syrup density creates our Maine Pure Maple Syrup.