Gray Farm Maple will be open on Maine Maple Sunday, March 25, 2018, from 10am to 4pm for tours, free food, and a tapping experience for the kids. Visit Contact Us page for directions.

About Gray Farm Maple

Gray Farm is located in the western mountain region of Maine.  The farm was first carved out of the land by Daniel Gray and his family after the War of 1812.  Several miles of stone walls, some measuring 10 feet wide and 5 feet tall, are stark reminders of the back-breaking hand work to clear the cut over openings of the boulders and rocks dropped randomly by the glaciers that covered the area thousands of years ago.

Today, remnant fields and stone walls are home to sugar maple (or rock maple), red maple, oak, beech, birch, poplar, hemlock, white pine, and fir.  Abandoned apple orchards are being pruned to provide valuable food sources for moose, deer, and black bear.  And wild blueberry and raspberry patches spread in the acid soil on the sunny side of the old pastures.

We started making Pure Maple Syrup here six years ago with ten buckets and a flat pan over a wood fire.  This past year we tapped over 250 trees, most on pipeline and some with traditional buckets.  During a good run, a single tap can yield about a gallon/day of sap.

The sap is pumped out of collection tanks and brought to the sugar shack in our utility vehicle or snow mobiles when the snow is deep.  The sap is pumped up to a holding tank on the back side of the shack and then gravity drains to the evaporator.  The sap is boiled in the wood-fired evaporator until it reaches “syrup” density as measured with a hydrometer.    

40+ gallons of fresh sap are boiled down to yield one gallon of syrup.  Finished syrup is drawn off the evaporator in small batches, filtered and “finished” to the perfect sugar content, clarity, and consistency of Grade A pure maple syrup.  Grading ensures that you are enjoying pure maple syrup that meets industry standards for sugar content and clarity.

We hope you enjoy our craft made Pure Maple Syrup from Maine. 

Barry and Carol Kallander

Gray Farm Maple LLC

Denmark, Maine